Angela - Founder and Proud Session Leader

My name is Angela. I am a Mum to four football obsessed boys. I'm also a a wife to Mark and a dog Mummy too. I love being outside and going for runs.

I'm an Ex-Primary School Teacher with 22 years experience of working with children. My passion is providing mental health support to both adults and young people. I took a personal interest in this area around 6 years ago and since then I have enhanced my understanding/expertise through various training opportunities and practical experiences.

Over recent years I have experienced my own personal transformation in increasing my confidence and self-belief. I was very shy as a child and I truly believe that the tools that I have access to now would have been life changing if they were available to me earlier in life. This is why I feel so strongly about supporting well-being from toddler age upwards.

The school curriculum is evolving to recognise the need for children to be empowered and to develop a growth mindset and I couldn't be more privileged and proud to be a facilitator of this.

Jane - Session Leader

My name is Jane. I am mum to two very active, superhero mad boys and wife to Dan as well as singing with a Wirral based band in my spare time.

I was a Primary School teacher and ALNCo for over 20 years and loved helping children to play to their strengths and develop confidence and skills in a way and at a pace that enabled them to thrive. I also gained a really good understanding of the ever increasing need for positive mental health support in the community for both children and adults and am now studying psychology part time with a view to becoming an Educational Psychologist in the future.

I met Angela 5 years ago during my own personal journey of mindset transformation. I am thrilled to help share so many of the skills and tools that we've personally found invaluable with pupils and to empower them to thrive in all areas of life.

Carol - "Droplet Lady" and Family Learning Support Assistant

My name is Carol otherwise known as Angela's Mum and I'm also a very proud Nanny. I retired a few years ago and since then I have loved spending more time with my husband and family.

I enjoy playing darts but my newest hobby has been to turn the droplets into soft toys. I love learning embroidery and turning the characters into resources for the children to enjoy.

It's been my pleasure to support during the family learning sessions - I do like to talk and meet new people!

Babs - "Droplet Lady"

My name is Babs. I also retired a few years ago from my job which was in a vetinery surgery. I love animals and always have done but luckily I have my cat and dog at home with me.

I also love decorating, painting and gardening. During lockdown I learnt some new skills in craft so I offered to help create the droplets too. That's the great Mother-in-Law that I am!

I also very much enjoy spending time with my Grandchildren and my lovely family.

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