Each Wellbeing Session lasts between 45 minutes-1 hour depending on concentration levels. They are fun, interactive and will incorporate a variety of hands on activities for young children and adults to enjoy together.

Ideally, this is a class for Pre-School aged children and is most suited to 2+ year olds/toddlers up to 4/5 year olds; however even younger babies have enjoyed the sesisons with a little extra help from their grown ups 😉 so all are welcome!

The session will begin by introducing the droplet/theme through a little song or a story. Activities will then be set up in a free flow style for children/families to visit as they wish.

These activities will be creative and sensory for the children to investigate and explore. The session will conclude with around five minutes of music and movement.

Handouts/support materials will also be available for family members to provide additional tips/tools for the home based on the theme of the session.

  • Yellow Droplet - What do you love?
  • Pink Droplet - Kind Me!
  • Purple Droplet - Super Strong Me!
  • Gold Droplet - Super Star Me!
  • Blue Droplet - It's ok to be Blue
  • Red Droplet - It's ok to be Red
  • Orange Droplet - Imagine Me
  • Green Droplet - Nature Time

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