Mindfulness in Nature Workbook

What's included in the Mindfulness in Nature Workbook?

  • 32 Activity Pages
  • Green Droplet Comic Story
  • Seasonal Senses Challenge
  • Family Treasure Hunt Sheets for each Season
  • Bird Spotting Sheets
  • Worry Tree Template
  • Worry Clouds Template
  • Gratitude in Nature
  • 15 Mindfulness in Nature activity Suggestions
  • Green Droplet Colouring Pages
Who is this workbook for?

The Droplets are specifically created for children aged 4 to 9, but since every child is unique, the workbook offers activities for various age ranges/learning styles. While younger children may have fewer recording activities at this present time, the resource is designed to be timeless, allowing your child(ren) to grow with it and revisit pages as much as they want.

What are the aims of this workbook?

- To introduce or re-introduce Green Droplet

- To harness mindfulness through tuning into your senses

- To learn techniques for calmness and re-focusing

- To support an appreciation for the outdoors to help find joy in nature

- To encourage exploration in the natural environment

- To discover information about birds in nature

- To develop an understanding of each season

- To encourage less screen time and more green time!

Can I share the workbook with my friends and family?

The workbook license permits the use of resources with your children within your household ONLY. This includes using it in different venues, such as during holidays or at grandparents' houses etc. The nature of this workbook is for it to be mainly used outside so therefore it is not limited to a single space. However, sharing with children outside your immediate household goes against the license terms. Respecting copyright laws is not only ethical but also contributes to the development of new and innovative resources for everybody to enjoy and value. Please contact angela@beyoutoblossom.co.uk for a quote for a multi-licencse to use with whole class/whole school/education setting.

I work in a school. Can I use this with with my class?

This Bumper Droplet Bundle is guarded by copyright law, and available to use within a single household ONLY. This means that you can only use it for personal, non-commercial use at home. So it's a NO for school/classroom use at this price but a massive YES to reprinting as may times as you like for lifetime Home Use!

This purchase is not licensed for use for 30 pupils (or even wider) but if you would like to use it for educational purposes, you'll need to get an extra licence. Reach out to us at beyoutoblossom@gmail.com if you're interested. We do have other packs available too.

How can this product help me as an adult?

The Droplets have been created based on daily principles that the whole family can get involved in. We would advise adults to read the instructions with their child(ren) and also model their responses - this way we beleive that everybody will benefit from the activities e.g - enjoying and taking notice of the outdoors together and having screen free time together!

How will I receive my workbook?

Upon processing your payment, you will instantly receive access to your digital download. Additionally, a download link will be sent to the email address provided for your convenience. In the unlikely event of technology failure or any unforeseen issues with the delivery of your digital download, please contact us angela@beyoutoblossom.co.uk so we can rectify this as soon as possible.

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