This award winning garden at Ysgol Esytn, Hope is an example of an ongoing/continually developing child-led project to support well-being and collaboration whilst having positive benefits on mental health and bringing the community together too.

The garden has been developed using learnings from class sessions covering lots of mindfulness/growth mindset themes.

The children at this school now have a 'quiet and calm' area away from the hustle and bustle of the playground. This area can also be used for nuture groups and even class lessons.

Thanks to everyone involved at Ysgol Estyn, Hope -
(Children, staff, parents and donators) Also to
Crimebeat and Horticulure Wales too.

For more information about these projects or to find out about an online resource pack containing 12 lesson plans, risk assessments, digital resources etc for creating a garden/wellbeing area, then please contact us :

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