Key Features of Inner Bloom?

  • Courses + Masterclasses & Meditations from various educators
  • All updated training materials included
  • An engaged & supportive community for networking + inquiries
  • Master Resell Rights Certificate (Granting complete ownership)
  • No additional purchases or monthly charges
  • 100% Immediate profits directly paid to you when reselling the course
  • Self-Paced Content → Grow with the Flow!

What is an MRR License?

As well as the wealth of content and support within this academy - you also have the option of promoting it to benefit and support others (should you wish) This can generate an income for you, if you choose.

  • You can acquire this ready-made Academy with Master Resell Rights
  • Establish your Sales Funnel (utilise Stan Store as explained within this course or use an alternative such as this - you can get a free account by clicking here.)
  • Share on social media & direct traffic to your funnel (through organic sharing or via paid ads)
  • Generate Sales & receive INSTANT payment (all payments go directly to you)


What is Inner Bloom?

Inner Bloom is a specialised membership platform exclusively for women, emphasizing inner growth. Our platform provides resources, workshops, masterclasses, mini-courses, and a community area dedicated to supporting women on their personal development path.

Why is Inner Bloom only for Women?

Inner Bloom is crafted to create a secure, empowering space for women to connect, share, and grow freely. We believe a women-centered platform offers a unique environment to address women's specific challenges and aspirations.

How can I join as a member?

Visit the top or bottom of the page, select a plan, click BUY, make your purchase, sign up, and instantly access a wealth of lifetime content.

What kind of resources can I expect?

Our platform provides a range of resources including Masterclasses, Mini Courses, Audios, guided meditations, workshops, eBooks, community forums, and exclusive webinars.

Are there live events/sessions?

Absolutely! We regularly host live webinars, Q&A sessions, and workshops that members can participate in. Check the platform's Events & Workshops section for the updated schedule.

Are there any hidden costs?

This academy grants lifetime membership for your one off payment (or instalments if you are using a payment plan); therefore there are no ongoing costs to access the hours or self study material, live masterclasses and future updates.

The only additional payments may come from setting up a platform to promote this academy should you wish to look at the business side of it and earn from it. There are however some platforms such as system i.o that offer free plans to do this. Click here to access.

Do you provide refunds?

No! Due to the digital nature of this product, refunds are not available. Please review all of the details carefully before making a purchase. By purchasing, you agree to our no refund policy.

In my opinion though, hand on heart I am blown away by the value/content in here. I really hope that you will love it as much as I do! 😘

Can I cancel my membership?

Upon joining, you have lifetime access. If you wish to close your account, you can do so through your account settings. For any assistance, our support team is available. As stated above, due to the product's nature, refunds are not provided.

What are the resell conditions?

You can sell Inner Bloom and keep all of the money that you make for the sales but you must adhere to the terms and conditions set at the time of sale.

Inner Bloom must be marketed & listed for less than $99 USD (this moves to $222 USD Dollars on 1st April) It CANNOT be offered for FREE or as a GIFT. When converting to your local currency use $222 into a currency converter to get your minimum retail price. You may not list it in your StanStore or other selling platform for less than $99 USD, or offer a coupon code for people to purchase it for less than $99 USD at checkout. (this moves to $222 on 1st April.)

Who do I contact for technical support or issues?

Our dedicated support team is always here to help. Simply reach out via the 'Contact Us' section on our platform.

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