6 Sessions over the Academic Year, a full day visit during each half term tailored to year groups 1, 3 and 5.

At the end of the half termly visit, once all of the sessions have been delivered - a whole school assembly is offered based on the theme of the day. This will engage the classes whilst it is fresh in their minds and involve the whole school.

There is also an alternative option for monitors to be selected from each class visited with the support of the class teacher/staff. These children will then be assigned the role of "Wellbeing Monitors" and can have meeting time with the Session Leader.

Themes Each Half Term :

  • Yellow Droplet - Gratitude
  • Pink Droplet - Kindness
  • Purple Droplet - Affirmations and Positive Self Talk
  • Gold Droplet - Being Unique
  • Red Droplet - Emotion of Anger
  • Blue Droplet - Emotion of Sadness

Alternatively, this could be delivered as a block so each theme could be ran consecutively week to week.

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