Educator Testimonials

Staff feel uplifted during Angela’s visits and are always keen to continue the great work that has happened during the sessions. They have been coached alongside the children which has formed a positive mindset for all.

From SMT monitoring, it was evidenced that nearly all children can now utilise strategies to help them deal with a number of emotions linked to everyday life. Some of these include other family members, friends and situations in and outside of school. It was noticeable that children were relating their emotions to the colours within the problem which gave them the hook to use strategies with the toolkits taught.

Positive mindset is now embedded within the whole school ethos. Evidence of this was following a recent Spectrum Hafan Cymru visit linked to positive relationships, where the project lead commented to myself “I have never been to a school where the children’s mindset is so positive.”

I firmly believe that every child should experience the colour droplet programme due to the impact that it has had at Ysgol Estyn. As a headteacher it has also supported our evaluation of the Whole School Approach to Emotional and Mental Wellbeing, Public Health Wales. The programme also aligns itself well with the Curriculum for Wales Health and Wellbeing AOLE and the Relationships and Sexuality Education Code.

Mr G Jones

Ysgol Estyn - Headteacher

Be You to Blossom has had such a positive effect on the pupils at our school. The children are more aware of their feelings and relate these to the Colour Droplets that Angela has introduced to them.

It has boosted their confidence and resilience. The sessions are fun, engaging and allow the children to express their thoughts and feelings creatively linking perfectly with the New Curriculum for Wales.

As a teacher, I have learnt so much from Angela and received many positive comments from parents also. If you are looking for a programme to enhance the health and well-being of your pupils, I would highly recommend Be You to Blossom!

Mrs C Berry

Abermorddu CP School - Deputy Head and Early Years Teacher

I have been lucky enough to work with Angela for many years as a class teacher, and have had the

pleasure to support Angela in the delivery of her Droplets to young children.

It has been lovely to see how the Droplets have developed over time, and the positive

impact they have on young children. Children will encounter many different feelings and emotions

as they progress through school. These emotions can range from sadness and anger to worry and

anxiety and to joy and happiness. What is key for children is to understand that it is ok to feel these

emotions and not to be frightened of them. What the Droplets do is give children the tools

that they need to deal with these emotions. Emotions come and go, and with Angela’s

Droplets, the children have the skills they need to deal with whatever emotions come their way.

Personally, I have also learnt a lot from Angela. Her recommendations have ensured that I live a

mindful life and have the skills to deal with whatever is thrown my way! enhance the health and well-being of your pupils, I would highly recommend Be You to Blossom!

Mr H Ellis

Ysgol Estyn - Deputy Head and Year 2 Teacher

Angela Done, Be You To Blossom, has been working with Ysgol Derwen for twelve months. The work that she completes with the children in class and in the outdoors is outstanding. During sessions all pupils were engaged and on task. They have learnt a range of strategies to help their mental health and wellbeing, from gratitude to breathing techniques. Her work has greatly enhanced our outdoor areas around the school. It has been a pleasure working with her and seeing the positive effects that she has made to our school.

Mrs S King

Derwen Foundation School - Deputy Head and Year 6 Teacher

Angela has worked at St John's for a number of years now and has really supported our children in the development of self confidence and resilience. She has worked across all the classes and it has been obvious to see the impact her sessions have on the children.

When working with the children in my class, her focus has been on building their confidence before they move on to high school. Her sessions achieved this but also helped to support pupils form friendships and to maintain positive relationships with their peers.

The staff also looked forward to Angela's visits as her positive outlook on life lifts our spirits and encourages a more positive mindset.

I would recommend her programme to all schools as the benefits are great for both pupils and staff.

Mrs E Tiryaki

St John the Baptist VA Primary School - Deputy Head and Year 5/6 Teacher

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