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Supporting children, families, schools and communities to blossom into the best versions of themselves!

"I am so passionate about personal development and adopting positive daily mindfulness and mindset habits. If we feel good inwardly then I believe that we can flourish in anything"

Angela Done - Be you to Blossom Founder

Our Services and Programmes

The courses and sessions that we offer are designed for children aged from 2 to 12 years and of course the adults involved too!

Sessions provide support for self esteem, self regulation and aim to assist in improving levels of confidence and self-worth.

Sessions can be adapted and delivered to small groups, school groups, staff groups, family groups or even on a 1.1 basis.

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Parent Testimonials


Guinevere's Mum

"My daughter really enjoyed working on the Droplet activities this term. She sometimes finds it hard to express how she feels, but this really helped. She always got excited about doing the tasks, and talked about them afterwards. It gave her the tools to understand and talk about her different feelings. Thanks, Be You To Blossom!"


Gemma & Mali's Mum

"Absolutely amazing is the reaction I had from both of my two young girls Seren and Mali from doing a range of activities through the Droplets. It has built their confidence up with what you would think may be small things but actually are a big part of young children's everyday lives. I'm so grateful for Angela taking her time to help and support both of my girls. They get so excited when I mention the words Droplets"


Archie's Mum

My boy had been learning all about the red droplet in one of his classes and he was always excited to come home and tell me all about what he had learned! Little did we know that by teaching

him a breathing exercise actually helped him out in a big asthma attack triggered by croup which saved him going into more of a panic. These skills the sessions teach the children are life skills that help them cope in everyday life. We will be forever grateful ♥️


Ewan's Mum

"Your presentation was great and helped to explain the reasoning behind the programme. Family Session was all fab and lovely and relaxed!"


Theadora's Mum

I can’t express how amazing the ‘droplets’ have been for my little girl. She began the journey in school and now it has become an integral part of our lives. Having a droplet to associate her feelings and thoughts to has been a real help.We regularly use purple power when we need a believe in yourself moment. Angela is such a lovely human and is so kind and caring with all the children. Theadora loves her!

Parent Questionaire Feedback

"Very positive impact on how he views himself/ how he's overcome personal challenges"


Trixie's Mum

Just wanted to say thank you for everything you've done with Trix in year 6, with the mindfulness 💞she's loved her time with you.


Brandon's Mum

"The word grateful has now become incorporated in my son's vocabulary since he has been doing the programme. He has really enjoyed doing it"

Parent Questionaire Feedback

"I think the sessions will have a great impact overtime and in the future, I think the messages are

essential and a huge benefit"

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